Police to investigate claim of racial abuse during Sunderland-Newcastle clash

Northumbria Police will delve into the reported incident at the Stadium of Light, but the majority of fans were applauded by those present as the two sides shared a point

Police have opened an investigation into an allegation of racial abuse at the Premier League fixture between local Tyne-Wear rivals Sunderland and Newcastle.

The incident is alleged to have been an isolated one at the Stadium of Light and the Northumbria Police were quick to praise the two sets of fans for their overall behaviour during the game.

"There was one report of racist language having been used by a supporter in one area of the stadium - enquiries into this report are ongoing," said a Northumbria Police spokesman.

Chief Superintendent Steve Neill added: "The vast majority of fans were well behaved today and enjoyed the Wear-Tyne derby for the great occasion it is."

"15 arrests out of a crowd that size is very low. I'm pleased the vast majority of fans who attended today were clearly there to enjoy the football and not interested in causing trouble.

"I'd like to praise supporters from both clubs. They worked well with officers on the ground, were extremely patient and good natured and enjoyed the day with in the best spirit."

The news it comes in a week where issues surrounding racism have hit the headlines; Danny Rose was alleged to have received abuse while playing for England Under-21s against Serbia and likes of Jason Roberts and Rio Ferdinand refused to wear the ‘Kick it Out’ campaign’s clothing after a disillusion with the anti-racism group’s methods.