Ferdinand will wear ‘Kick It Out’ T-shirt – QPR boss Hughes

The beleaguered QPR boss reveals he sees no reason why his centre-back will not wear the campaign shirt but thinks Terry will not be offering his apologies any time soon
QPR manager Mark Hughes believes defender Anton Ferdinand will demonstrate his support for the Kick It Out campaign ahead of their match with Everton this weekend.

Ferdinand was believed to be debating whether to wear a t-shirt displaying the anti-racism slogan in protest of the campaign group's perceived inaction over recent controversies, but Hughes believes the 27-year-old will join the rest of his team-mates in offering a united front.

"That is my understanding, I have not been told anything different - I fully expect everyone to wear the t-shirt," Hughes confirmed to reporters.

"[I spoke with Ferdinand] earlier in the week but whether or not that has changed there is no reason to think it has, I think Anton is going to wear the t-shirt, I haven't been told any different."

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However, something Hughes is less sure of is the prospect of John Terry offering Ferdinand a direct apology for racially abusing him during a match at Loftus Road last year.

Terry’s actions that day led to court proceedings as well as an FA investigation, the latter of which resulted in the Chelsea captain receiving a £220,000 fine and four-match ban.

Hughes said: “I think John Terry feels that he hasn't done anything wrong and that has been his stance.

“So for him to apologise would perhaps be an admission of guilt so I wouldn't have thought he would be prepared to do that."

But regardless of any Terry apology, Hughes acknowledges that Terry’s decision not to appeal his FA charges is a welcome one that will hopefully draw a line under the affair.

He continued: "I'm not aware if there is going to be any further action, it has gone on a long time.

"A lot has been said and I think there comes a point in time when you just have to move on.

"I just feel it is a situation that was allowed to develop over a long period of time.

"I have said time and time again that I give credit to Anton, I don't think it has affected him, I think he has been strong in his mentality in dealing with everything that went on and I didn't see anything different in his attitude in training."

Despite recent high-profile setbacks to the fight against racism in football, Hughes insists Britain has made great strides in eradicating prejudice from the game over the past two decades.

"Obviously people will have a view in terms of where they think campaigns against racism in football and in life and some will think not enough is being done," he continued.

"But if you look in the last 10-20 years a huge amount has been done to make sure racism doesn't have a part or a presence in football.

"When you see the events in Serbia, in fairness that is probably where we were 20 years ago.

"But we have made huge strides, unfortunately not every country has made the strides we have and that is down to campaigns like Kick It Out."