Arsenal most expensive matchday in English football, reveals survey

Only two out of the 92 clubs in the country offer a day out for less than £20, while the Gunners top the lists for the most expensive matchday and season tickets

An extensive survey has revealed that the cost of watching football in England has drastically risen in the past twelve months, with Arsenal ranking as the most expensive matchday experience.

The ‘Price of Football’ poll, undertaken by the BBC, studied figures from 166 clubs across Britain and discovered that the average cost of the cheapest adult ticket to watch league football in England has risen by 11.7 per cent; more than five times the rate of inflation.

The survey also studied the overall cost of watching football by looking at the cost of the cheapest ticket, a programme, a cup of tea and a pie. Newcastle’s total of £23 is the cheapest in the Premier League, while Sheffield United are the best value of all 92 football league clubs with a cost of £17.20.

"We've seen ticket prices rise across the game," Gazidis told BBC Sport. "This isn't just a football issue.

"If you look at the prices of entertainment across the board they have gone up significantly in recent years and clearly we now have an environment where people are economically challenged.

"What we have done is try to hold those prices down, for example our League Cup prices have been £10 for adults and £5 for children.

"What we know, because of the tremendous take-up, is that there are people who want to watch top-class football but for whom price is a factor. That is something we have to be continually conscious of."

The Gunners also boast the most expensive season ticket at a cost of £1,955. The Premier League’s cheapest season ticket is offered by Wigan at £255, while fans can get a season ticket with Premier League champions Manchester City for £275.

City, however, along with local rivals Manchester United, charge the most for the traditional cup of tea, making fans fork out £2.50, while Leeds United’s programme cost of £4 is the highest in Britain.