Pre-match handshake will take place between Chelsea and QPR

The Premier League confirm that the pre-match pleasantries will go ahead despite reports suggesting players from the Rs would reject the hand of Blues skipper John Terry
The Premier League have confirmed that the pre-match handshakes will take place as normal in the game between QPR and Chelsea at Loftus Road.

Reports had suggested that Rs players would reject the hand of Blues skipper John Terry following the Blues skipper's alleged racial abuse of Anton Ferdinand, which Terry was cleared of by courts over the summer.

A statement from the Premier League said: "There has been dialogue between the Premier League, Queens Park Rangers and Chelsea in relation to tomorrow's match between the two clubs.

"All parties understand and acknowledge that the pre-match handshake will go ahead as part of the normal pre-match activity."

QPR boss Mark Hughes has discussed the situation with Ferdinand and says his team would abide by the decision the Premier League made over the matter.

Hughes told reporters: "There's a lot of debate over the handshake every time we have a game against Chelsea.

"We'll respect the handshake if that's what we're told will happen. It's not my decision, we abide by the Premier League.

"I've had a discussion with Anton about it but that will remain between us."

Chelsea manager Roberto Di Matteo had also claimed his team were ready to go ahead with the handshake as planned.

He told Sky Sports News: "We're going to respect the rules and the protocol that is in place from the Premier League and set a positive standard to the millions of people watching across the world."

He added on the subject of the handshake: "We'll go ahead with it, yes."