Carragher learning a lot from new Liverpool manager Rodgers

The 34-year-old defender is impressed by the coach's impact, and believes that he can take a great deal of advice from the former Swansea boss' coaching methods
Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher feels that there is a lot he can learn from the club's new manager Brendan Rodgers.

Rodgers was appointed Anfield manager in June following an impressive spell at Swansea, and has since set about implementing his coaching methods and football philosophy on the five-time European Cup winners.

The Anfield vice-captain is set to embark on his 17th season for the Reds, with Rodgers the fifth manager he has worked under at the club. And even at the age of 34 the former England International believes he is still has great scope to learn from his new manager.

Carragher told the Daily Mail: "When a new manager comes in it's fresh and new. There is more enthusiasm because people are trying to impress a bit more and it's a clean slate.

"Brendan is very much a coach, and it's great to see him out there. Even at my age you never stop learning.

"I've learned a lot from him already because although he is relatively young he has been a coach for 20 years. I've learned from the way he talks to players about what he expects, even those who are not in my position.

"If I'm picked, I'll know exactly what he was expecting from the other players so I'm learning all the time. It's not just what he’s saying to me, but everyone.

"I've learned a lot from the manager over the past few weeks and I'm sure I'll learn a lot more over the next 12 months. Ronnie Moran once said to me, 'At 65 you never stop learning', so I have still a lot to learn at 34."

The defender who has made 484 appearances for the club has noted the increased amount of ball work that pre-season training has involved under the new coach.

However, the 34 year-old believes that to cite such a move as a drastic change in philosophy would be doing a  disservice to what has gone before, arguing that the club have an ingrained philosophy which is in tune with that of the former Reading and Watford boss.
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He added: "Everyone is focusing on the training but it can be a little disrespectful to what has gone before to say it's a big change.

"It's not like we're going from being a long ball team. We've always had that in our history and in our DNA. We've always been a club who play good football.

"We are Liverpool and we have always tried to play that way in training, but there has been a slight difference to the normal pre-season. Everyone has their own way they want to do things.

"Normally you have your football work and your running, this time it is all incorporated in one, so you have the football all the time. We joke that it's what you call disguised running.

"All the elements have been blended into one thing rather than separated out, so we're working really hard physically, but any footballer will tell you its better when you're with the ball.

"It's fantastic to have a manager who has these ideas about wanting to pass the ball."