Frimpong 'reminded of responsibilities' by Arsenal after Twitter row

The midfielder, who was injured while on loan at Wolves last season, became embroiled in a row on the social networking site after replying to a fan with a controversial message
Arsenal midfielder Emmanuel Frimpong has been warned about his future conduct by the club after becoming involved in a Twitter row with a Tottenham fan.

The defensive midfielder is a regular user on the social networking site and is currently recovering from a serious knee injury sustained in the latter stages of last season while on loan at Wolves.

And on Sunday, when he tweeted: "if you going church today Pray For me Giving today A Miss", Frimpong then retweeted a response from a Tottenham fan, who replied: "I prayed you break your arms and legs".

Frimpong, angered by the remark, responded by calling the user a "Scum Yid", a comment which he later deleted.

Many Tottenham supporters have associated the term 'yid' with themselves due to the club's considerable number of Jewish fans, but it can be considered offensive and anti-Semitic.

An Arsenal spokesman told the Daily Telegraph: "Emmanuel Frimpong has been reminded of his responsibilities and has deleted the comment.”

Many fans replied to the tweet, with one Tottenham fan supportive of Frimpong. That message read: "You can't go around wanting players to break limbs, no matter who you play for. embarrassed to be a yid right now!"

The FA are reportedly aware of the incident but as of yet, have made no official comment on the matter.