Former Newcastle manager Joe Kinnear keen to return to football

The ex-Magpies boss has not managed for three years after a heart bypass and, but is now hopeful of a comeback to the game after getting the all-clear from doctors

Former Newcastle boss Joe Kinnear is looking for a return to management having fully recovered from the medical issues that forced him to resign from the club in February 2009.

The 65-year-old took over from Kevin Keegan at the Magpies in September 2008, but left the position just five months later when he had to undergo heart bypass surgery.

However, Kinnear says that he is now fully recovered and is looking to get back into the game in a management capacity as soon as possible.

"I've just got the all-clear," Kinnear told The Mirror. "Since I've had the triple bypass, I haven't been that well. Doctor after doctor has advised me to stay away from the game, but I'm bored to be honest.

"Every week I get more agitated - it's a nightmare sitting in the stand and watching teams when you're not involved. Since my second heart attack I'm finding it difficult - I want to go back."

Kinnear also looked back at the much-publicised first press conference of his reign at Newcastle, in which he infamously swore 52 times in six minutes, admitting that he was surprised by the reaction in the media.

"The whole thing just exploded,” he added.

“I got more publicity than Barack Obama who was running for President!

“I felt I was only answering the journalists' questions. To be honest, I didn't think it would carry that much weight until it exploded, and then I thought 'blimey'.

"How many managers are on every front page throughout the world? That week Obama was President, and I was on the front page. I said to my missus 'I've got more publicity than Obama.' That was hard to beat.

"There were tough times, and I just thought I had a hard introduction the first week that I came up here."