No guarantee of Anfield stay for Liverpool, says managing director Ayre

The club's owners Fenway Sports Group are refusing to make promises over the Reds' staying at their spiritual home, despite a council ultimatum over the decision

Liverpool managing director Ian Ayre has reiterated that the club may not remain at their Anfield home.

The proposed redevelopment of the Reds' ground has faltered due to the need to demolish several terraced houses surrounding the stadium, but is known to be the preferred option of owner John W. Henry.

Liverpool City Council have now delivered an ultimatum that the club must decide whether they want to stay at Anfield or build a new stadium on nearby Stanley Park by the end of June, but Ayre insists there is no rush.

 “The situation hasn’t changed," he told the Liverpool Echo.

"We have been engaged in dialogue with local residents, and with the council, but that is to do with a redevelopment programme being run by the council which we, as major stakeholders, have an interest in.

“Does it mean we are staying at Anfield? No it doesn’t. We are on record as saying we would love to do so. But it is by no means certain. We cannot say with certainty we will be staying at Anfield.”

Former owners Tom Hicks and George Gillett famously promised “spades in the ground within 60 days” in reference to building a new Anfield during their ill-fated tenure, an aim which was never realised.

And Ayre underlined the need for restraint when making comments on any future plans regarding the stadium project.

“Promises have been made and not kept in the past," he added.

"We are working daily to move forward. But we cannot make any certain statements at this point.”