Sir Alex Ferguson promises Manchester United fans dramatic title reclaim

The 70-year-old has warned of further late drama to come next year after the stunning end to the last campaign which saw rivals Manchester City win the crown in the last seconds

Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has recorded a rallying video message to season ticket holders claiming that the club will reclaim the Premier League title next season.

The Red Devils lost the their league crown on the last day of the campaign to rivals Manchester City as Sergio Aguero netted a last-gasp winner to secure his side their first title in 44 years.

Sir Alex’s team have become infamous for poaching late winners over the years, with none more dramatic as their Champions League win against Bayern Munich in 1999, and the 70-year-old believes that that trend will continue.

"There is no club in the world who can create the drama that we created last year"

"When you look back on last season, it tells you the story of Manchester United," he declared.

"There is no club in the world who can create the drama that we created last year.

"Okay, it didn't work out our way this time but when you go back through the years and the number of times we have scored last minute goals it just added to the excitement and drama of Manchester United.

"It will always be there because that is the kind of club we are.

"When you are buying your season ticket you are guaranteed: One, a possible heart attack. Two, incredible excitement in the last minute of games. And three: Hope that we win the championship back."