Kidd: Champions League success will take time for Manchester City

The former Manchester United assistant manager has warned that the newly-crowned Premier League champions will not be able to replicate Chelsea's European triumph overnight
Brian Kidd has warned that it may take time for Manchester City to cultivate a team capable of winning the Champions League, despite many people expecting them to challenge for Europe's top prize next year.

After winning their first domestic league title in 44 years, manager Roberto Mancini has spoken of his goal to reach the level of Real Madrid and Barcelona.

Kidd, however, opted for a more cautious approach, reminding fans that, despite how far City have come, last season was their first ever in the competition and expectations should not be too high.

"People have got to remember it was Manchester City’s first time in the Champions League last season and it takes time," he told talkSPORT.

"That's not just being flippant, it is a different way of playing, different circumstances and you grow into it but it does take time."

"People have got to remember it was City's first time in the Champions League last season and it takes time"

- Brian Kidd

Kidd also observed that the experience from playing in the tournament is far more valuable than anything that he and the other coaching staff can implement on the training ground.

He added: "I think what we can take from it is the desire to improve. If you feel that in different areas you can improve and learn from it that's the key.

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"All credit to Chelsea, who I believe haven't got the credit they deserve. They went and had a game plan against Barcelona which was fantastic, and to go to Bayern [Munich] into their area and get a result was incredible."

Kidd also paid tribute to what he feels is a "fantastic" squad, whilst also rubbishing suggestions that City lack the team spirit to kick on and achieve bigger things.

"We've got a super group of players, and it wasn't a month ago that people were questioning the spirit and camaraderie of the group, saying we wouldn't do this at our club and we wouldn't allow that," he argued.

"I don't know why people are so judgemental, we don't know what's going on at other clubs so we don't pass judgement on any other club.

"You can only deal with what's right in-house, and i think you can see that, you don't pull eight points back in six games if there isn't some sort of togetherness.

"The demands these players made on each other both in training and on the field was incredible, as was the support they gave each other, it shows they have a great spirit."