Lampard: Chelsea old guard still have plenty to give

The 33-year-old Blues midfielder says that he does not want to see the Stamford Bridge outfit’s older players shipped out of the club following their Champions League triumph
Chelsea midfielder Frank Lampard insists that the club's senior players still have more to give following their Champions League triumph on Saturday night.

The Blues enjoyed penalty shootout success against Bayern Munich to secure a double - with the FA Cup already won - which few expected when former manager Andre Villas-Boas was sacked in March.

Interim boss Roberto Di Matteo welcomed players such as Lampard back into the fold and the 33-year-old says that the Stamford Bridge old guard can play on.

"Teams are always changing, but why should we stop now?" he told reporters.

But 'future not important' for Champions League hero
"We want to carry on, move forwards. We've won the FA Cup and now the Champions League and the determination and spirit we have shown, it's been fantastic."

The former West Ham man also praised Di Matteo’s bravery in recalling some of the players who were being phased out under Villas-Boas and claimed that their will to win turned the season around.

"The key players have been there a long time and we want to win, we are determined to win, in the dressing room we have a tough group,” Lampard declared.

"We struggled earlier in the season, confidence was low, but there is a real determination here, and when times are hard, we dig in.

"If you had asked me three months ago if we would win this competition, I would have laughed. But we have done.

"It's the best footballing night of my life - the hour we spent on the pitch with the fans afterwards," he added.

"I've been here 11 years and I've been waiting for this baby for a long time. I'm pleased we haven't won it before, because it feels even more special.

"That might sound stupid but, to wait so long and to do it the way we did with the season we've had, the spirit in the team - amazing."

"I've been here 11 years and I've been waiting for this baby for a long time ... it feels special"

- Frank Lampard on Champions League triumph

And, despite the disappointment of the 2008, when they were beaten by Manchester United on penalties, Lampard insists that he never thought that the Blues would lose this time around.

"Once it went to penalties, I thought there was no way we were going to lose. I thought, 'We are going to win this'," he continued.

"It wasn't going to be a repeat of Moscow, we couldn't have stood that again."