Wolves chairman defends appointment of Solbakken as club's new manager

The 59-year-old admitted that the Norwegian is the correct, if not "left-field", option, before the former Koln boss reassured fans of his knowledge of English football

Wolves chairman Steve Morgan has defended his decision to appoint Stale Solbakken as the club's new manager.

The former Koln manager, who signed a rolling one-year contract on Monday, has won five league titles in Denmark for Copenhagen.

But, Morgan admitted that Solbakken would be seen as a “left-field” and “alternative” option.

"If you look at anyone else out there, then of course they have much more experience in English football but they have nothing like his success rate,” the chairman told reporters.

"And all appointments are a gamble. But there's no-one out there with a track record that comes anywhere near his."

Solbakken has become the first foreign manager to take charge of Wolves in their 135-year history.

However, Morgan believes that getting Solbakken at the helm is quite an accomplishment for the recently-relegated side.

He added: "He had two clubs who are involved in the Champions league next season after him this time. So I think it was quite a coup for him to come to Wolves. It was because we were quick off the mark."

The Norwegian had an unhappy campaign last season for German side Koln and left after just one year in charge, briefly before the club’s relegation from the Bundesliga.

He defended himself, though, by stating a combination of "Jesus and Jose Mourinho would have struggled with the in-fighting” at the club.

Solbakken has assured Wolves fans that he has good knowledge of English football and will plan to do some research before their first Championship game.

"I have a pretty good view of English football. It's shown a lot on Scandinavian channels. I've been given 38 DVDs of last season,” Solbakken added.

"I know this is a very tough league. A marathon with 46 games. But it's a myth that it's only kick-and-rush and fighting.

"I've seen stylish teams in the Championship. You meet different kinds of football, as you do in every league."