Rodgers: Liverpool's season has not been a failure

Swansea boss believes the Reds shouldn't be disappointed with winning the League Cup and reaching the FA Cup final and described his side's achievements this year as 'brilliant'
Swansea manager Brendan Rodgers has insisted that Liverpool's season has not been a failure ahead of their Premier League clash on Sunday.

The Welsh side host Kenny Dalglish's men at the Liberty Stadium on the final day of the season, with eight points separating the two teams, and Rodgers' team already securing their league status following an impressive first top-flight campaign.

While many have been quick to criticise the Reds' displays this year, Rodgers praised Dalglish's handling of the club this season, adding that it is a tough job to take over in a transition period when expectations are so high.

"I don't believe their season has been a failure, he has been in the process of rebuilding," Rodgers told reporters.

"When he had the second half of last season there he did a terrific job, he renewed the motivation in the group and city, and this season he has reshaped the squad. It's the beginning of a process that he hopes in the future will bring success.

"But that's the problem with being a manager: it's like trying to build an aircraft while it is flying.

"You don't get time to put it in the hanger and do everything you need and send it out there, you have to try and do it while it's flying and that's what he is in the process of."

Despite their disappointing league run, the Merseyside club have won the League Cup and reached the FA Cup final, something that the 39-year-old sees as far short of a failure.

He added: "It is nowhere near a failure to get to two cup finals, winning one and going very close in another one.

"Liverpool has an incredible history of winning leagues and European Cups but the reality is they are having to build back towards that, and the Liverpool supporters probably see no better man to do that than Kenny.

"He has a history of success at the club as a player and a manager.

"He has a strong team behind him but unfortunately everyone looks to the short term, but he has done a terrific job and he will look to develop and grow next season."

Swansea can still just about manage a top-ten finish with victory on Sunday, if other results go their way, which Rodgers said would be a "brilliant achievement".

"For us to finish in the top 10 would be an absolutely brilliant achievement," he stated.

"We will always look to enhance what we do.

"If you look at Stoke, they have been consistent performers at this level but haven't finished in the top 10 yet, so that's the reality of the opportunity these guys have on Sunday.

"But, however the game goes, I am so proud of them.

"The demands on us have been incredible on and off the field and it brought us closer together as a group and united us as a team.

"It would be a brilliant achievement if we can do that, but wherever we finish it has been a great achievement by the players this season."