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The Arsenal boss sees no harm in following the examples set by the likes of rugby and thinks that implementing a "temporary exclusion" rule may improve the sport

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger believes that football could benefit from the introduction of sin bins, following the ruling's success in rugby.

With many calling for video technology in recent weeks, the Gunners boss is a supporter of another development option, namely that of temporary exclusions.

"A sin bin is worth thinking about in my opinion," Wenger told Arsenal Magazine.

"Sometimes you see a guy is on the fringes of his temper, on a moody day. Maybe if the referee can take him out for 10 minutes – like in rugby – then it would be a chance for the manager to tell him to calm down, focus on his game. That would be better in the long run.

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"There are other advantages too. For example, [at the moment] if a guy gets a second yellow, he’s suspended for the next game.

"But, he might be facing Man United in his next game, so they have an advantage, yet the team that he fouled against on the day has no advantage.

"On top of that, they are at a disadvantage because one of their rivals has benefited. So sometimes you think 'where is the logic?'

"It would be better to take the punishment on the day, and give the advantage to the team that has been offended against.

"That’s why the sin bin is more logical for an immediate punishment."