Jol: Fulham deserved to beat Wigan

The Dutch coach expressed his belief that the Cottagers deserved their victory over a lacklustre Latics and weighed in on the discussion surrounding video technology
Fulham manager Martin Jol insisted his side fully deserved their 2-1 victory over Wigan despite needing an 89th-minute Phillippe Senderos goal to seal the win.

The Cottagers fell behind to an Emerson Boyce strike but an equaliser from the Pavel Pogrebnyak just a minute later and the Swiss defender's header at the death secured victory.

Following the match, Jol told reporters: "It was not easy playing against them [Wigan]. We saw them play against the top sides and they did ever so well.

"I saw them against Arsenal at the Emirates, they play so compact, they don't give away a lot on the spine [and there is] no space on the flanks so you need to be patient.

"They had zero corners, they had zero chances and they scored out of nothing so it would have been harsh if we would have lost this game.

"The problem is that when you are patient you can fall asleep and they want that. They are very good on the break with Moses and that is what they did in all these games against Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool, so we were well prepared and in the end I think we deserved to win."

Despite expressing disappointment at the manner in which Wigan's goal was conceded, the Fulham boss expressed delight with the manner in which his side responded.

He continued: "It is very crowded, they play a different style as you know with five in defence, four in midfield and one up front.

"And with the goal, [it] came out of nothing. He played the ball off Boyce and there was a sort of ricochet in the centre, it was a good shot.

"But maybe at the right time because we woke up and we scored it was good to see Philippe Senderos getting his first goal."

The Cottagers also had a strong claim for a goal when a Pogrebnyak effort hit the bar and seemed to cross the line on it's way down only for the referee to fail to award it.

Jol said: "Maybe what [the] BBC and Sky saw was different but what I saw from my view, it was behind the line, from that angle."

And, when asked whether the man at the centre of the incident thought it had gone in, the Dutchman responded: "No, I asked Pav and he said no it wasn't over the line. So I thought, it's not over the line but then my video man said it was, then he showed me and I saw it was."

Jol was however coy on whether video technology should be introduced into the game, stating: "We were in Geneva with a lot of coaches and we listened to Platini and he said it's a game of your own means so everyone makes mistake, if we think how many times it happens, and then everybody agreed to leave it like that.

"That was 2 years ago, in hindsight you feel, probably, but all the goals that could have been goals. But it's sort of an endless discussion."