Manchester United thank Liverpool for apologies over Luis Suarez's handshake snub with Patrice Evra

The Uruguayan striker today expressed his regret over the controversial incident at Old Trafford on Saturday and the Red Devils have accepted their Premier League rivals apology
Manchester United have accepted Liverpool’s apologies following Luis Suarez’s refusal to shake Patrice Evra’s hand before Saturday's Premier League match at Old Trafford.

The Uruguayan striker has been heavily criticised for failing to shake the United captain's hand prior to kick off and today issued an apology for letting his club down.

It was the first time the pair had faced each other since Suarez was banned for eight matches for racially abusing Evra.

The Frenchman offered to shake his hand in the usual pre-game rituals but Suarez ignored him and carried on down the line.

Suarez revealed that he had spoken with his manager Kenny Dalglish since the game and expressed his regrets about the mistake he made.

Following todays apology, the Premier League champions have now expressed their gratitude to Liverpool and hope that both clubs can move on from the situation.

A statement on United's official website reads: "Manchester United thanks Liverpool for the apologies issued following Saturday's game.

"Everyone at Old Trafford wants to move on from this. The history of our two great clubs is one of success and rivalry unparalleled in British football.

"That should be the focus in the future of all those who love the clubs."