What we learned this week... Luis Suarez's kung-fu aside, Liverpool are so boring they can be upstaged by a stray Anfield cat

Kenny Dalglish's side and Spurs were upstaged by a feline pitch invader on Monday night, while Harry Redknapp has already been appointed England manager by everyone but the FA
By Jamie Dunn

The Internet cat phenomenon has taken over football

After a long day at the office with people emailing viral videos and pictures of cats playing the keyboard or wearing slices of bread on their heads, WWLTW wanted to kick back on Monday night in front of the football.

But, it appears nothing is safe from the feline phenomenon that has swept the Internet over the last few years.

First there was Lolcats, then Keyboard Cat. Enter Anfield Cat.


11' The pitch at Anfield has been invaded by a wandering cat. how a cat gets into a football stadium I don't know. It's brought a halt to play. David Lynch reports: "Incredible scenes at Anfield as a cat enters the pitch to try and get in on proceedings. Thankfully the feline has been ushered away by a steward, though I doubt it'll face charges for pitch invasion."
During the first half between Liverpool and Tottenham on Monday night, the aforementioned feline strolled casually onto the Anfield pitch, blissfully unaware of the furore he or she had caused, before striding dangerously into the penalty area. Spurs goalkeeper Brad Friedel had to use all of his own cat-like agility to keep the pitch invader from crossing his goal line.

Within minutes, three parody accounts for Anfield Cat had surfaced, while Facebook users flocked to fan pages to 'Like' the moggy.

There was a game on as well, believe it or not, as Liverpool and Spurs played out an entertaining 0-0 draw. An enjoyable match with no goals?! Who’d have thought it.

Monday night also marked the return to the Liverpool side of Luis Suarez, who completed an eight-match ban for allegedly racially abusing Patrice Evra. The Uruguayan immediately set about endearing himself to the public again, by kicking Scott Parker in the chest.

WWLTW is 99.9 per cent sure it was an accident, as the ball was dropping for Suarez to volley before Parker headed it clear.

But you have to be careful with what you do to Parker these days, as the midfielder has become as big a national treasure as the Queen and as much of an English institution as Bruce Forsyth.

This column is surprised the FA didn’t launch a full-blown investigation into the incident.

Harry Redknapp has already been appointed England manager by everyone but the FA

Forget Anfield Cat, though, if you can. The big story of the week – somehow even bigger than that – was of course the resignation of Fabio Capello as England manager.

Or should WWLTW say the appointment of Harry Redknapp as England manager? The Tottenham boss is the overwhelming favourite to take over from our departed Italian Postman Pat lookalike, who despite having an unrivalled win percentage, failed to deliver (boom boom).

Every Premier League manager threw their weight behind Redknapp, apart from famous laugh riot Wolves boss Mick McCarthy, who backed Kevin Keegan – because that worked out so well last time – and every rent-a-quote former player went for ‘Arry too.
What we will learn this weekend...
The infamous handshake will make its return to prominence this weekend as Luis Suarez and Patrice Evra become reacquainted. There might be a game between Manchester United and Liverpool, too.

Anfield Cat will back Harry Redknapp for the England job.

Apart from Gazza. He went for Terry Venables, who hasn’t held a full managerial role since being sacked by Leeds United in 2003, but was assistant boss for the national side when Steve McClaren was in charge. Enough said.

A handful of players, including Manchester United duo Wayne Rooney and Rio Ferdinand, took to Twitter to voice their support for Redknapp. The hiring of Capello in 2007 may have been labelled The Italian Job, but calls for Redknapp’s hiring have more than an air of Self Preservation Society to them.

Meanwhile, Alan Pardew ruled himself out of the running for the job and was thoroughly ridiculed by all and sundry for doing so. How dare a manager who has taken a largely unfancied team into the higher reaches of the Premier League table answer the question “would you be interested in the England job?” when asked at a press conference eh? The bold-faced cheek of it all.

Other notables who are basically considered also-rans for the position include Jose Mourinho, Guus Hiddink, Rafael Benitez and, at 5,000/1, Anfield Cat.

By the looks of the early running, our feline friend has as much of a chance as The Special One, as long as Redknapp is around.

John Terry’s injury is conveniently timed, but not for Chelsea

Andre Villas-Boas announced on Thursday that John Terry would continue to be out of action with a knee injury over the weekend and would miss Chelsea’s next game

“He has a couple of days off but that is because of his injury, not the turmoil and the media,” the Blues boss said.


"Just walked into the dressing room and Wazza shouted 'MO could be back in the England Squad' to which I replied 'why is my Dad taking over'!."

- Even Michael Owen knows his England career is over 

Terry’s injury means he has been out of action since the decision to strip him of the England captaincy, which ultimately led to Capello’s resignation, was made by the FA. The centre-back also avoided a potential flashpoint in sitting out the visit to Stamford Bridge of Manchester United and Rio Ferdinand, the brother of Anton, who Terry is alleged to have racially abused.

Meanwhile, after going 3-0 up, Villas-Boas watched his side give away two soft penalties and leave Javier Hernandez to rise completely unmarked to head in the all-important equaliser in a 3-3 draw.

Chelsea could do with Terry back in the side, but fortunately for Villas-Boas, he might not encounter such a problem this weekend, against an Everton team which could only muster one goal against Wigan, who have one of the worst defensive records in the Premier League last Saturday.

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