Newcastle boss Alan Pardew hits out at TV presenter Ray Stubbs for highlighting Yohan Cabaye challenge which could lead to ban

Magpies manager has blasted the ESPN host for discussing the Frenchman's alleged kick against Brighton, and says he is furious he is not permitted to defend his player in person

Newcastle United manager Alan Pardew has described himself as ‘livid’ with TV host Ray Stubbs, after the anchorman highlighted Yohan Cabaye’s challenge on Brighton defender Adam El-Abd.

The Frenchman tangled with El-Abd in Newcastle’s FA Cup defeat at the Amex stadium on Saturday, before clipping his studs against the defender’s face.

ESPN presenter Stubbs highlighted the incident, calling it ‘a ferocious’ challenge, despite pundits John Barnes and Steve Harper disagreeing.

Cabaye has since been told he faces a fast-track appeal and potential three match ban, leaving Pardew furious with the FA and Stubbs.

“I am absolutely livid,” he told reporters.

“When it happened, I did not see anything wrong with it.

"Afterwards, someone told me about the TV coverage. Ray Stubbs said it was ferocious. The two pundits with him [John Barnes and Toon keeper Steve Harper] said nothing.

“I have reviewed it seven or eight times and Cabaye is trying to stop the boy falling on him and catches him on the lip. If anyone thinks that is malicious intent, then they have never played the game.

“I’m not talking out of turn, because I rang Ray and told him my feelings about that whole situation.

"When you think about it - and I said this to Ray Stubbs - 'Here I am as a football manager, your job is as a presenter. You present and ask ­questions.'

“When both professionals who are on that show both say ‘it wasn’t a foul in my mind’ I don’t see why the debate has to carry on. Why does he pursue it? He’s not the expert, is he?

"He apologised. I make no bones about using his name because I think he was honourable enough to say maybe he was [wrong].”

Pardew is also furious at the news he will not be able to attend the trial in person. Despite this, the Magpies boss revealed Cabaye has written a letter to the FA, and they also have the backing of the Brighton player on the receiving end of the challenge, Adam El Abd.

He continued: “I’ve been told by the Brighton coaching team that their player wants to support our player and that is something we will use in our appeal - he did not see any intent. That wasn’t instigated by us, which is unusual.

“I wanted to defend him personally and would like to go to the appeal but, at the moment, they say I can’t.

“That fact that I can’t, that we, as a club, can’t defend our player - one of our best players as it happens - we can’t be there, bring our case, bring our defence. Why can’t we?

“The player has written a letter and that can be used, and we have written a letter. That’s all we can do - offer those letters.

"I’m only talking about the principle here, more than anything."

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