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The Italian believes the Anfield club were wrong to wear t-shirts in support of the Uruguay international in the warm-up before their match against Wigan Athletic in December

Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini believes Liverpool made a mistake with their adamant support of Luis Suarez after he was found guilty of racially abusing Manchester United's Patrice Evra.

Suarez received an eight-match ban for using language making reference to the colour of Evra’s skin during the 1-1 draw at Anfield in October, and his club have continued to vigorously defend the striker despite being found guilty by an investigative panel.

After the FA announced they would be charging Suarez for his conduct, Liverpool players warmed up before their match with Wigan Athletic wearing t-shirts supporting the former Ajax man.

When asked whether the club were wrong to show their support for the Uruguayan in such a public manner, Mancini told reporters: “Maybe."

The Italian added that it was important for the player to apologise after the incident but insisted he believes Suarez is not a racist.

“I think that sometimes it can happen on the pitch, a situation like this. It is important to apologise for what you did,” he said.

“Sometimes on the pitch you can do something you don’t want to do, because you are nervous, you don’t think on the pitch.

“I don’t think Suarez is a racist. I think he made a mistake, probably, yes.

“Everyone can make a mistake sometimes, everyone. It is impossible that we are always perfect.

“It is important to say ‘I am sorry, I made a mistake, I apologise for this’ and accept the charge.”

Liverpool have been involved in another race row in the last week, with Oldham Athletic's Tom Adeyemi being reduced to tears after allegedly receiving racist abuse from supporters in his side's defeat at Anfield on Friday.

Mancini added: “Everything was said to me during my 20 years as a player, but I understand.

“I didn’t cry for this on the pitch because, I repeat, I have my opinion that on the pitch everything can happen because you don’t think, because you are tired, because you are stupid, you are young, for many reasons.”