Liverpool players vow Luis Suarez 'will not walk alone' following eight-match ban

In response to the Uruguayan's fine and suspension for racially abusing Patrice Evra, his club team-mates have backed the 24-year-old striker, insisting he is not a racist
The Liverpool squad have released a statement in support of team-mate Luis Suarez, after the 24-year-old was found guilty of a misconduct charge towards Manchester United’s Patrice Evra.

The Uruguayan was handed an eight-match ban and fined £40,000 after the French full-back filed a complaint following their side’s 1-1 draw at Anfield in October, suggesting the former Ajax man had racially abused him.

Suarez's national team-mates came out in support of the striker earlier on Wednesday, and now his club side have followed suit, insisting he is not a racist.

The statement reads: “Luis Suarez is our teammate and our friend and as a group of players we are shocked and angered that he has been found guilty by the FA.

“We totally support Luis and we want the world to know that. We know he is not racist.

“We are a squad of many different nationalities and backgrounds. All of us support the Club's commitment to fighting racism. All of us accept there is no place in the game for any form of discrimination. As a group of players we totally support the Kick it Out Campaign.

“We have lived, trained and played with Luis for almost 12 months and we don't recognise the way he has been portrayed. We will continue to support Luis through this difficult period, and as a popular and respected friend of all his teammates, he will not walk alone.”