Anti-racism group Kick It Out support FA's decision to ban Liverpool's Luis Suarez for eight matches and insist Fifa & Uefa 'should take heed'

The organisation released a statement praising English football's governing body for showing "leadership and intent" in standing up against racially motivated behaviour

Anti-racism group Kick It Out have released a statement supporting the FA’s decision to ban Liverpool's Luis Suarez for eight matches after being found guilty of racially insulting Patrice Evra and have called on Fifa and Uefa to "take heed".

The Manchester United left-back reported Suarez to the FA for apparent comments referring to the colour of his skin during Manchester United’s trip to Anfield in October, but the verdict was only given on Tuesday.

Although Liverpool are adamant Suarez did not racially abuse the French defender, Kick It Out and their chairman, Lord Herman Ouseley, seemed pleased with the outcome, praising the FA for taking a stand against perceived racism.

On Kick It Out’s official website, a statement from Ouseley read: "The FA has shown leadership and intent through what has clearly been a difficult and complex complaint to deal with, and invested time and expertise to ensure this outcome.

"It has demonstrated that it will not stand for discrimination, something organisations such as Fifa and Uefa should take heed of.

"Kick It Out will continue to work with clubs and players, at professional and grass roots level, offering education on what is deemed offensive and unacceptable behaviour."