Yaya Toure admits to feeling 'guilty and confused' after Manchester City delay the Ivorian's departure for the African Cup of Nations

The Citizens have been granted special dispensation so the midfielder can take part in the FA Cup match against United and first-leg of the League Cup semi-final against Liverpool

Manchester City have been granted special dispensation to delay Yaya Toure’s departure for the Africa Cup of Nations.

The Ivory Coast international had looked set to miss out on the FA Cup third round match against Manchester United and the first-leg of the League Cup semi-final with Liverpool, while the same principle is also in place for Yaya’s brother, Kolo Toure.

Although glad he can take part in two important matches, Yaya admits to feeling indifferent about the situation with his loyalties split between club and country.

The former Barcelona man told reporters: "Our country needs people like myself and Didier Drogba because there is a war and it's important we do what we can for our people, but this is also a crucial time of the season.

“There are two crucial months coming up and now I am going to miss one of them.

“The team, the club and the manager need me, but I will have to go away and play in a different competition.

"It's difficult as I am very focused for City and we need all the players.

“I have to go because my country is going through some difficult things, but I am a little bit guilty and confused about it.

“My loyalties are divided and I do feel a little bit sad. But City will cope.

“We have fantastic players who can take my place, such as Nigel de Jong and Gareth Barry, while Owen Hargreaves is also working very hard to come back."

The tournament, hosted in Gabon and Equatorial Guinea, begins on January 21 with Ivory Coast’s first match taking place in Malabo against Sudan on the next day.