Wigan boss Roberto Martinez backs Dave Whelan’s decision to pass control of the club to grandson

The Spaniard has said that he trusts whatever path his chairman takes will be the right one for the Lactics, and explains the 75-year-old’s comments about facing drop
Wigan Athletic manager Roberto Martinez has supported the recent statements made by chairman Dave Whelan that he may soon hand control of the club over to his grandson.

The 75-year-old, who bought the Lactics in 1995, has brought the side from non-league football to the Premier League in his 16 years at the helm, and Martinez insists that any decision he makes now will be the correct one for the club.

"I've got no doubts or any worries that we can rely on our chairman. Whatever he decides will be the best for our future,” he told a press conference.

Whelan recently suggested that relegation was a possibility for the club this season, but that he would not be worried if his side did suffer the drop.

Martinez has since defended his chairman’s comments, claiming that he was merely trying to say that the club are financially stable.

"No. I think what he is trying to say is that financially, we have made a lot of arrangements over the last few seasons and now we are efficient as a football club, and could survive anywhere,” he continued.

"I think it's a real compliment to be able to say that - as a football club we could survive in any division, and probably we couldn't say that three years ago, where we were relying on the chairman's funding to be able to play our football.

"If you know the chairman, he is a winner, he doesn't accept defeat easily and he knows that we are starting to get ready to achieve our aims this season.

"We are going to give everything to stay in this league and he is the first one who believes that."