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The Togo international is enjoying success since joining the north London outfit on loan and insists he is becoming a hit with the fans after shifting his Arsenal collar

Tottenham striker Emmanuel Adebayor insists signing for Spurs has enabled him to get both his life and his confidence back, but has also admitted that all footballers are driven by money, including himself.

The towering forward, who is currently on loan from Manchester City, scored both goals during Spurs’s 2-0 victory over Aston Villa on Monday night, in what is the north London outfit’s ninth win in 10 games.

Adebayor is also enjoying success as a player since his return to England from a loan stint at Spanish giants Real Madrid, contributing five goals and as many assists in the Premier League.

The Togolese striker is also at Tottenham on a temporary basis, but insists he will do everything within his power to help them meet their targets and believes his new found confidence can help both himself and the club succeed.

He told reporters after the Villa game: “I came here with the target to help Tottenham finish in the top four, and I think I’m doing well at the moment. If I can’t help the team to get into the top four, then I have failed.

“It’s always special to have a manager who gives you confidence and gives you your life back, telling you before every game to have confidence, to just enjoy your football.  

“I’ve got my life back, I’ve got my confidence back. That’s why even when I can’t score, I try and help the team defensively.

“If I can make an assist, why not? I don’t have any pressure on me, telling myself I have to score to keep my place. I just have to do the job, and at the moment I think I’m doing it quite well.”

However, Adebayor admits that with himself included, footballers are driven by money, but insists his motives are different to that of the regular player, as he strives to help his home community back home in a place where others are not so fortunate.

He said: “We all play football for money, especially me, because I’m from Africa and I have to give something back to my community.

Tottenham currently sit third in the top-flight, a place Chelsea may have located to if they had prevailed against Liverpool on Sunday, with Spurs now being tipped to become a staple within the top-four of the Premier League.

On the comparisons with the Blues, he said: “I think they’re judging on today. The way we played today, we are better than them. But Chelsea are still Chelsea.

“They’re capable of winning all of their games until the end of the season. We don’t have to look at Chelsea. We can only look at ourselves, what we are doing, what we can achieve as a team, keep trying to take three points as much as we can until the end of the season.”

Being a former Arsenal employee, Adebayor knew he would need time to settle into north London’s other top-flight team, but the 27-year-old insists he is ticking all the right boxes with Spurs to get the White Hart Lane faithful on his side.

He explained: “I don’t think they accepted me because I came saying I’d played for Arsenal before Real Madrid. I think they have accepted me because they see what I’m doing – whether I’m missing chances or not, I’m there working hard for the team, doing the job offensively, defensively.

“If you are a Tottenham fan, you would definitely love me, because I’m doing the job. It’s not only about scoring goals, it’s about what you’re putting in for the fans. If you see a player who is lazy, you won’t like him.

“We all like players who want to show they aren’t just there to take the money. That’s what I’m showing at the moment, that’s why they love me and I’m glad. I hope it will continue until the end of the season.”

On the subject of transfer talks, he added: “I will leave [transfer talks] to Harry Redknapp, [Daniel] Levy, the chairman, and Khaldoon [Al-Mubarak], the boss of Manchester City, to find a solution among themselves. What’s important to me is to enjoy myself on the pitch. It’s up to them to do the paperwork.”

Adebayor’s current manager, Harry Redknapp, returned to the bench for the victory over Villa following an operation on his heart and his top striker says he is over the moon to see his boss back in the fold.

He enthused: “I called him when I was off with the national team, and he told me everything was OK. We had a good chat on the phone, and he told me the operation went well. We are all grateful he’s back. We’ve managed to win again today, so he’s happy, we’re happy and the fans are happy. That’s what matters.”

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