Aston Villa boss Alex McLeish hails 'really good' Tottenham: There's no reason that Spurs XI can't be a match for anybody

Scot described the hosts as one of the best clubs in the Premier League after their 2-0 defeat, but was far from happy with his side's defending for Adebayor's brace

Aston Villa manager Alex McLeish praised Tottenham's quality after his team were put to the sword by two Emmanuel Adebayor goals.

Spurs dominated proceedings at White Hart Lane, and the former Birmingham City boss conceded that Harry Redknapp's side are a force to be reckoned with.

After the game, the Villa Park boss told Sky Sports: “I think Spurs are a really good side, there’s no reason why with that XI on the field they can’t be a match for anybody.

“They were a different class in terms of their players, their speed; their athleticism was too much for us tonight."

“But there are some great teams, the top six or whatever it is, are probably the super clubs now and are very difficult to beat, now Liverpool are emerging again.”

But McLeish was quick to criticise his side's part in Spurs' triumph, while insisting Villa had opportunities of their own to cause the hosts problems.

“We went right at spurs and had a couple of little chances at the start of each half, but we never retained the ball and let them off, we never passed it well enough and you can’t do that against the top sides like spurs, because its along time before you’ll see the ball again," he added.

“Both goals were a calamity, calamitous, both goals we have to defend better. The first one we hadn’t cleared the danger, we're leaving  Adebayor on his own, you know he’s got to be picked up so you have to see it through until you clear the danger, you can’t just run out and think that that’s all over.

“Spurs kept it alive and Adebayor didn’t mess about. That’s what I felt was wrong with the first one.

“The second one was the timing of the cross from Bale; we didn’t get the right connection behind it. Obviously it’s a shame that individuals get singled out for things like that but we’ve got to defend better.”