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Premier League giants have failed to lure the young prodigy from his home club, as the chance to move to the West London club did not temp the 12-year-old into making the move

Chelsea have failed in an attempt to sign 12-year-old Jordan Young from Swindon Town, after he was spotted by Stamford Bridge scouts.

The two sides had agreed compensation if the prodigy, but the deal broke down as Young made the final decision to stay in the League Two side’s academy.

The director of the centre of excellence at Swindon Town, Jeremy Newton, spoke of his delight that Young decided to stay at the club: "We got a phone call from Chelsea wishing to buy him and a compensation package was drawn up.

"But the boy had already made the decision to stay with us."

"When you've got the likes of Chelsea wishing to sign him, it's a difficult decision to make for the parents," he continued. "But obviously the boy has thought about it over a long period of time. It's a big decision for any 12-year-old to make but the parents have let him make it.

"We've not put any pressure on him to make a decision."

The youngster, who has been at Swindon since he was eight, has just signed a new contract with the Robins extending his stay at the club until 2015.

Newton went on to say what kind of impact this has on the centre of excellence: "From a club point of view it's fantastic for us. We are trying to create a positive learning environment and if our players are getting acknowledged by Premier League clubs then it says we are doing the right things.

"Jordan's got a lot of potential. Whether that potential can be fulfilled is a long-term thing. He's a very good technical player and tactical player and we obviously think there's a lot in there as that's why he's got the long contract.

"Hopefully he'll keep developing the way we want him to develop."