Arsenal majority shareholder Stan Kroenke claims Glazer family 'couldn't have done any better' in running Manchester United

After defending his own business model with the Gunners, the American congratulates his compatriots in their success with increasing revenue for their league rivals

Arsenal's majority shareholder Stan Kroenke has claimed that Manchester United's owners, the Glazer family, have done a "great" job in further increasing the club’s revenues.

The American-based owners took full control of the current Premier League champions in 2005 after a gradual process, in a move predominantly opposed by the United fans.

The family’s compatriot Kroenke however, believes they have brought a successful business model to the table and are reaping the rewards.

Kroenke told reporters: “What was so tough about the Glazers’ situation? OK guys, let’s talk about it. But they won. And they have increased revenues by a huge amount.

“If I was a fan of that club. I would still be there and go: ‘Wow’. Because how could you do it any better? That’s what I would say.

“I don’t know as a fan, how could you do it much better? They have increased massively. Some of their players have taken money out and maybe they haven’t performed.

“We have a whole different philosophy I think in the States, maybe, but I think it’s time for everybody to think a little bit and maybe I am saying too much but I think they ought to think a little bit about who invests in these clubs.

“Jerry Buss [LA Lakers owner] takes money out of his club. A lot of owners in the US do. No-one ever says anything about it. What’s it about in fairness - did the Lakers win anything? Well, yes. They did. How big’s their revenue? Pretty darn good.”

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