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Richards is City's longest serving player and believes the match against the Red Devils is the biggest game of the season and that his side have nothing to fear or lose

Manchester City defender Micah Richards concedes that he is still haunted by Wayne Rooney’s wonder goal against his team last season but is determined not to allow a repeat during Sunday’s derby.

City face Rooney’s Manchester United on Sunday and Richards is confident that he will prevent his England team-mate from emulating a similar performance.

Rooney’s overhead kick was voted goal of the season and the City centre-back says he can’t forget the experience.

Richards told reporters: "I get reminded of it nearly every single day when I see the advert for Sky+.

"Vinny Kompany just slips at the wrong moment and I came across to try to do the header — but it didn't reach me.

"It was an outstanding finish, an amazing goal. Every time I see it I wonder if I could have done something differently — I could have thrown myself full length at the ball I suppose.

"But as I always say, it was actually Vinny's man — I was meant to be taking the back post so I don't beat myself up about it.

"He was the one who got the stick after the game anyway!

"It was hard to take that we'd lost such a massive match but you can't deny it was a terrific goal."

The 23-year-old defender believes his backline have learnt from last year and won't make the same mistakes this time around.

"Wayne still likes to remind me about it — he still feels full of confidence. But so do we," he said.

"He won't be doing it again though, we'll be trying to keep him quiet this time.

"I think Nigel de Jong will be looking to man-mark him."

He added: "I think they know we're a genuine threat. It was quality to get that banner down, it meant we got the last laugh.

"We are not going out and saying we will win this game or that game but they call us the 'noisy neighbours'. I think they're a bit frightened.

"It used to be the case that we went to United and got battered but in the last year or two we have sometimes looked the better team.

"And that's on their own patch, so it shows how far we have come.

Much has been said about Sunday’s derby and Richards believes it will be the biggest game of the season.

"We feel we have nothing to fear. We're the underdogs, they're at home and expected to get a result. We've got nothing to lose so we'll try to get the result.

"It'll be the biggest game of the season, everyone has been talking about it and looking forward to it.

"Whoever wins will be top of the league on Sunday night and that's always nice, good for confidence, but it's still early days.

"After what happened at Wembley in the semi-final we know we can beat them. It felt like a massive achievement.

"It was an amazing feeling to do that, then go on and win it."