Luka Modric would never refuse to play for Tottenham - Harry Redknapp

In the light of the recent events surrounding Carlos Tevez, the Tottenham manager has insisted that the Croatian playmaker would not behave in a similar way the the Man City star
Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp has defended midfielder Luka Modric, claiming that the 26-year-old would never resort to disrupting the team in order to engineer a move away from White Hart Lane.

Having seen Carlos Tevez appearing to refuse to play in Manchester City’s Champions’ League match against Bayern Munich, Redknapp told reporters that Modric always remained committed to the club, even when it appeared likely that he would join Chelsea during the summer transfer window.

He said: "It couldn't have gone that way with Luka [Modric]. He wouldn't refuse to come on the pitch or do anything like that.”

The 64-year-old did note, however, that had Modric decided to implore such tactics it may have made it difficult for the club to keep hold of him.

"He wouldn't dream of coming in and disrupting training. If he had have done he may well have got away,” he continued.

"If he had been a nasty person and been disruptive he may well have got his move. In the end I might have said to the chairman [Daniel Levy] 'This can't go on, we don't need it'.

"The more disruptive players are, sometimes it forces it [a move].

"You spend half your time looking at them, who else they're dragging down with them.

"He has close friends here. If he'd wanted to be a nuisance I am sure he could have been, but it's just not in his nature, he's not that type of lad."

The Croatian playmaker has been instrumental in Spurs' recent unbeaten run and will be hoping to continue to contribute in the club's tough Premier Leage encounter away to Newcastle United on Sunday.