Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson urges supporters to avoid offensive chants ahead of clash with Liverpool

The Red Devils manager has demanded that both sets of fans appreciate each others' history ahead of Saturday's game at Anfield, and cut out any disrespectful chanting
Sir Alex Ferguson has urged supporters of both Manchester United and Liverpool to respect the history of one another, as the bitter rivals go head-to-head on Saturday at Anfield.

United travel to Merseyside after having their ticket allocation significantly reduced due to previous encounters, and have been urged by the Red Devils boss not to stand throughout the game, something that has become a tradition with the club's supporters.

The Scot is well aware of the importance of Saturday’s game to both sets of fans, with the clubs representing the two biggest cities in the north west of England, but feels that the two sides should be respectful of each other’s histories, and avoid chants that aim to offend one another.

“Both clubs’ history should be appreciated by each other’s sets of fans," Ferguson told reporters.

"That's sometimes annoying when I hear silly chants about Munich, about Hillsborough, I don't think it does either club any good at all because, without each other, there wouldn't be the English league."

The two sides have won 37 titles between them, and are the two most successful clubs in England by a long distance, creating a bitter rivalry between them.

But the United boss was keen to address both sets of fans ahead of Saturday’s game in an attempt to calm the air, insisting that this game is what it is because of the atmosphere generated by the supporters.

He added: "If it came to a stage where fans were banned from each other's ground, it wouldn't really be the same game. We need each other in that respect.

"The respect, in terms of the history of both clubs, should be adhered to and hopefully we can see that because it's a fantastic occasion."