Chelsea's Frank Lampard believes Manchester United's Ryan Giggs is an example to follow

The England international silenced critics with a hat-trick against Bolton on Sunday and says his experience makes it easier for him to cope through the season

Chelsea midfielder Frank Lampard believes Manchester United's Ryan Giggs can be an example to follow as he reaches the concluding period of his career, but insists he still feels 'as good as ever'.

The midfielder helped the Blues storm to a 5-1 victory over Bolton on Sunday with an impressive hat-trick, silencing some of his critics who suggested he should no longer start for the Blues.

At 33, Lampard accepts that his career is coming to its closing stages, but says the United veteran is an example he can mirror to keep him performing well during these closing years.

"The only way to stay away from that [criticism] is to keep playing well. That is why Giggs plays comfortably until he is 37 - because he consistently plays well," he told reporters.

Lampard also believes that he still feels up to the challenge of top-flight football and that his experience through the years has helped him along the way.

He added: "People talk about age but I feel good, as good as I have ever felt.

"With experience, it is even easier to manage yourself through a season and week to week. Hopefully I can keep doing what I did against Bolton.

"Everybody gets that, being told 'You're too old'. Probably the first few times it annoys you, then you realise that is just the way it is.

"At 25, you don't get that, you've just had a bad game. But at 30-plus you're too old.”