Newcastle boss Alan Pardew warns his players against complacency

Magpies manager has stressed the importance of remaining down to earth about the club’s prospects, while Jonas Gutierrez insists he is happy despite transfer speculation

Newcastle manager Alan Pardew has stressed the importance of his team not getting too carried away with their impressive start to the Premier League campaign.

The Magpies currently find themselves unbeaten after five League and two League Cup matches, sitting proudly in fourth position in the table, and keen to maintain their promising start.

Speaking to reporters, Pardew said: “If you’re not on your guard and start thinking you’re a good player or coach, then the Premier League quickly comes back to bite you.

“I think there’s one or two I have to be on my guard about, but I won’t mention names.

“The players are producing really well at the moment. Whoever we put in the team, they seem to have a bit of form and confidence.

“We are seven unbeaten and the points total so far has been decent. We’re probably slightly ahead of schedule, and that’s where we want to stay.

“There’s been one or two games we haven’t functioned that well in, but we’ve still managed to get through them with our resilience. We need a bit more than that, though, and if we get a good win against [Blackburn] Rovers [on Saturday], then it would be a really good start.”

Meanwhile, Pardew will also be pleased with Jonas Gutierrez’s commitment to the club, as despite being linked to a number of Spanish and Italian teams, the Argentine winger is currently happy to play for Newcastle.

“I always say you never close the door, because football is like that," he said when questioned by reporters. "But all I can say is that I am happy."