'I would never say a bad word about Arsenal' – Barcelona midfielder Cesc Fabregas given apology after 'made up' interview

The former Gunner made a legal complaint after an article appeared in a British publication in which he appeared to criticise his old club, with the magazine retracting the story
Barcelona midfielder Cesc Fabregas has been offered an apology from Sport magazine after they printed an apparently fabricated interview in which he said Arsenal could no longer challenge for titles.

The publication quoted Fabregas as saying he pursued a move to his boyhood club as he felt that the Gunners could no longer challenge for trophies and were not one of the top three teams in England.

The Spaniard quickly denied making any comments to the publication and said he would pursue legal action.

Fabregas has now claimed that he has been offered an apology from the publication, and reiterated that he would never say anything negative about the club he was previously captain of.

He said via his Twitter account: “Got the apology and retraction from that magazine that made up an interview about me.

“Can't believe some journalists. I will also get damages that I will give to charity.

“Hope it teaches them a lesson. I would NEVER say a bad word about Arsenal Football Club.”