Blackburn fans organise rally to have boss Steve Kean sacked

Fans of the Lancashire club are planning to march on Ewood Park to demand his dismissal, with supporters feeling disenfranchised by club's owners and wanting experienced manager
Blackburn Rovers fans are going to march on Ewood Park to protest against manager Steve Kean's reign and demand his removal from the job.

The Lancashire club have been disappointing in the Premier League, earning only one point from their opening four games, and sit bottom of the table, with supporters now set to voice their frustration.

March organiser Glen Mullan told The Daily Mirror: "The numbers look like hitting the 1,000 mark so the fans are keen to have Steve Kean removed.

"It's going to be a peaceful march, but we want to make our point and there will be banners made. It's about time the owners listened to the fans.

"We want someone who is experienced and can relate to the fans."

Fans have also launched an online petition against Kean, demanding that the club’s owners Venky’s remove the Scot, with some fans also requesting the re-instatement of former manager Mark Hughes.

Since Kean took over from Sam Allardyce in December, Blackburn have played 33 games in the Premier League, from which they have only secured 23 points.