Manchester City striker Carlos Tevez: I have a love-hate relationship with Roberto Mancini

The Argentinian forward has pledged his future to the club but has criticised his country's media after their scathing attack on him following his missed penalty against Uruguay

Manchester City striker Carlos Tevez has revealed he has a love-hate relationship with boss Roberto Mancini, but is now happy to stay at the club.

Tevez, 27, has said he has clashed with Mancini on many occasions.

However, despite expressing his dissatisfaction at life in Manchester, he has confirmed he will stay a City player for the foreseeable future.

"We had clashes with Mancini in every language but it's a love-hate relationship," Tevez told reporters.

"He's fantastic, he wants to win and me too. He told me to come to Buenos Aires to enjoy a holiday. He left me out of these first few [Premier League] matches because I told him I needed to get in shape.

"I'm happy at City and I'm not moving from there.

The Argentinian international criticised the intense pressure his country’s media put on him following Argentina’s quarter-final elimination by Uruguay in the Copa America – in which Tevez missed a penalty.

"To play in the national team today you can lose prestige because if you don't win they kill you," said Tevez.

"We were under pressure to win because that was the only possible result [at home], if not...we knew they'd kill us. I got depressed and ate after being unable to give the [Argentine] people happiness," he said,  while adding that he gained six kilos and had to go to a clinic to lose weight.

"It hurts a lot not to be able to play the way you would like."