More than half of readers think Arsene Wenger should leave Arsenal

After an overwhelming response, a slim majority of readers feel that the Frenchman's time in charge of the club is coming to an end following a humiliating defeat at Old Trafford

As Arsenal look to recover from their crushing 8-2 defeat at the hands of Manchester United, over half of readers who participated in our poll believe manager Arsene Wenger should no longer be in charge of the north London club.

After an overwhelming response, 52.8 per cent of voters believe the Frenchman should be relinquished of his duties at the Emirates, while 47.2% think he should be allowed to continue his work.

The Gunners' fall from grace has come gradually after their quadruple hopes fell apart last season, starting with the League Cup loss to Birmingham City in February and ending with a disappointing fourth-place finish in the Premier League after being in the chase for the title for over half the campaign.

Wenger’s side have gone six years without a trophy and have lost Cesc Fabregas and Samir Nasri this summer, while a lack of activity in the market has frustrated some supporters.

The massive loss against Sir Alex Ferguson’s men at the weekend has provoked a significant response from all quarters, but, according to our poll, there are still plenty of Arsenal fans who believe Wenger should be given time to turn the team around.


On wanting Wenger to stay

Russ from London says:

“One should not forget all the good Arsene has done when he first arrived and the trophies he won, yes we all love to win trophies and we all love to be successful in life but sometimes life is unfair and we need to adapt to the situations and I think my only fault with Arsene is he has failed to adapt to changes in time. When you are the best everyone is gunning for you and your opponents study your every move. As they say in the army - adapt and overcome, it’s about time you do the same, Arsene.”

Alayi Banigo from Nigeria says:

“Wenger should be given the grace of piloting the Gunners this season after all there are good times and bad times, but he should be compelled to fortify the midfield and the defence of the Gunners, if this is done then the Gunners will be a team to be reckoned with this season.”

On wanting Wenger to leave

Emmanuel Ameh from Port Harcourt says:

“Arsene Wenger has become the bane of Arsenal Football Club. He should be booted out - and fast!”

Ola from Lagos says:

“I am tired of this argument that 'who do we replace Wenger with?' Yes the man has been good to the club, but he has simply lost his way over the last four to five years with an ideology that only he believes in. I have some sympathy for him, because buying players and dealing with players' contracts was never his job. He assumed that role when David Dein got kicked out of the board and they didn't replace him. But the fact remains, the man has to go!!!”

Ekundayo Adekunle from Lagos says:

“He should just resign. He disgraced Arsenal.”

Craig Windsor says:

“Wenger must go NOW!!”

Gunnerreality says:

“Go, and go NOW. Simple.”

Harry Whitelegg from Melbourne says:

“It’s gone on long enough, players just see Arsenal as a stepping stone to bigger and better things, when they need a manager who is at the club to produce quality players and buy some. Wenger refuses to buy good, experienced players – that's why we are never a contest for United and Chelsea, men will always beat kids!”

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