'Manchester City have a better squad than Barcelona' - Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp

Former West Ham boss claims only Real Madrid and Barcelona can compete financially with Roberto Mancini’s team, whilst reserving praise for Spanish forward David Silva

Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp claims Manchester City have the best squad in the world – eclipsing even Barcelona.

Redknapp has enjoyed relative success since taking charge of Tottenham, and despite enjoying a Champions League campaign last season, the 64-year-old has claimed qualifying for the competition is increasingly difficult with Manchester City impossible to compete with financially.

Speaking to reporters, Redknapp said: “I would say their squad is stronger than Barcelona’s, it's an amazing squad they’ve gone for there.

“To bring in players like they have - Aguero, Tevez, Dzeko - is incredible.

"Look at that strike force. It’s an unbelievable goal-scoring forward line - one that could absolutely whip anybody on their day.

“David Silva is world class and could play in any team in the world right now.

"Their squad is full of quality now. Look at De Jong, Yaya Toure. They have people like James Milner struggling to get in the team and Adam Johnson, you just don’t see him playing any more.

“It's an amazing squad. I think they will eventually be challenging for everything, because they have the resources to keep bringing in the best players in the world.

“Eventually, if the owner stays with the club - which I am sure he will do - they will win the Premier League.

“[Tevez] will find it hard leaving there. Unless you go to Barcelona or Real Madrid, I couldn’t see where you would want to go other than Manchester City.

“He has been at Manchester United so isn’t going to go back there. I can’t see anywhere he can go where he is going to better his football."

Samir Nasri and Gael Clichy have both left Tottenham’s rivals Arsenal in favour of a move to Eastlands, and Redknapp believes that the wages being offered at Manchester City played a big factor in their decisions.

“They’re a more powerful club, yeah. Because, at the end of the day, they can pay wages that Arsenal can’t pay. That’s your problem.

“If they [City] are interested, it’s a dream move for a player to suddenly go and get £200,000 a week for five years. They haven’t got to worry too much after that, have they?

“I don’t believe Nasri [that he moved to Manchester City for footballing reasons], no. He could have gone to Manchester United. They wanted him and he wanted to go to United, really - that’s what I heard.

“But then City came in and offered him more money again, so he went to City.

“I wouldn’t see Chelsea being powerless. They’re mega-rich, with Mr Abramovich there. But then they nearly lost John Terry the other year, didn’t they, to City?

“Whatever anyone says, I’m sure John was thinking about it, because it was such an offer.

“So yeah, if they come in and make a crazy offer and offer your player crazy-money, it’s very difficult for the player not to have his head turned.”