'I love Manchester .... City' - Mario Balotelli uses T-shirt slogan to make fun of recent comments about unhappiness in England

The Manchester City striker, who was quoted in the summer as saying the north west city was not to his taste, has a joke with an alternative version of the campaign T-shirt

Mario Balotelli displayed his sense of humour on Monday night when he doctored a T-shirt worn by Manchester City players ahead of their 4-0 victory over Swansea City.

The enigmatic Italian appeared to have used a light blue marker pen to add the word "City" under the slogan "I love Manchester".

The T-shirts have been worn by a number of famous faces, including fellow Manchester City striker Sergio Aguero, in response to the rioting and looting that occurred last week in the city.

But Balotelli couldn't resist a light-hearted reference to his remarks a few weeks ago claiming that he was not happy in Manchester.

The 21-year-old said then: “I am not happy in Manchester. I do not like the city.

“With my team-mates and my manager, everything is fine, but the city is not to my tastes.

“I miss the chance to be at home with my family and with my friends."