Xavi: Arsenal's Cesc Fabregas is the final piece in the Barcelona puzzle

The Spanish international, who last week apologised for airing his thoughts on his compatriot's future, believes the Gunners' captain will keep the Catalan cycle of success working
Xavi believes the possible arrival of Cesc Fabregas from Arsenal will ensure Barcelona continue their winning ways.

The midfielder has continued to encourage his compatriot to come to Camp Nou despite being slammed by Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger for saying his national team-mate was "suffering" in London, and admits he wants the saga to come to an end as soon as possible.

Reports suggest both clubs are in talks over the transfer and Xavi believes Fabregas would shine for the Catalans.

"I hope this saga ends soon. It's like the final piece of the puzzle which only needs inserting so it can be complete," Xavi said, according to Sport.

"Cesc is just 24 and his arrival will ensure the current cycle at Barcelona is still working."

The World Cup winner went on to say that competition in midfield will not be a problem if Fabregas does move to Barca this summer.

"I have been competing for places with other players for 13 years now," he added. "The more competition in midfield, the better it is for us players.

"I hope Fabregas comes. Everything will be better and he will be at the best club in the world."