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The former Inter striker claims that the current Real Madrid manager always went against him when he had a problem, and insists the idea people have of him is incorrect

Manchester City striker Mario Balotelli has sung the praises of current boss Roberto Mancini, insisting that Jose Mourinho could not manage him while he was at Inter as he always went against him.

The controversial Italy international was reunited with Mancini in the summer, having previously played under him at the San Siro, and admits that frequent clashes with Mourinho were because the Portuguese did not understand him.

"Maybe Mourinho said these things about me because he could not manage me," Balotelli told The People. "I don't know why. He couldn't understand me, but Mancini is doing what Mourinho couldn't do.

"Mancini is different from Mourinho. They are both great managers but they are different men. Mancini supports me. Mourinho was different. Whenever I had a problem, Mourinho always went against me. When I have a problem here, Mancini always supports me.

"I think that Mourinho did what he did at Inter Milan because maybe we have the same character."

Balotelli's comments provide a sharp contrast to those of Manchester City team-mate Emmanuel Adebayor, who is currently on loan to Real Madrid after failing to get on with Mancini. Adebayor has been highly critical of Mancini - and ironically seems to be a lot happier at the Benabeu playing under Mourinho.

Meanwhile, although Balotelli has shown flashes of brilliance during his short time in England, the regular reports of controversy have resulted in many holding a negative opinion of him. Yet the 20-year-old claims he is "normal" and that people have formed the wrong impression of him.

He added: "I am enjoying myself now. When I first came here it was difficult because I came from another country and I am only 20. That wasn't easy, but now I feel good.

"The idea people have of me is not correct. Absolutely not. I am shy. I like to have fun. I like to do what normal 20-year-old guys like to do. I am just me. Normal.

"People tell me some of the things that are said about me and many times I have to laugh because these just aren't true.

"I am a footballer. I like to train and I like to play. I don't care what people say about my private life because they don't know my private life. They can say what they want, it doesn't bother me.

"When you are famous, people want to talk about you. But sometimes what is said isn't true and the people who know me know that. They know I am normal.

"It was the same in Italy and things haven't changed since I came here. I don't know why. Maybe it's because I do things that are a little bit different."

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