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It will cost an extra £1 per match across the board to watch the Red Devils, with the club's owners claiming that an increase in value added tax is the reason behind hike

Manchester United have announced an increase in ticket prices for next season of £1 per match.

The decision has been made in light of the increase in VAT from 17.5 per cent to 20% at the start of the year and will affect all tickets at Old Trafford.

The club have insisted that the ticket prices under the Glazer regime have not increased as heavily as they did during the final years of the previous PLC ownership.

But fans’ groups are sure to disagree with the increase in prices, claiming that United’s growth in income should in fact result in a cut in prices for next season.

The decision means that supporters purchasing top-price season tickets at Old Trafford will now have to pay £950 for 19 league games, with Champions League, FA Cup, League Cup and United away matches having to be bought on top of that.

But an idea put forward by Fans Forums to reduce ticket prices for 16 and 17-year-olds to ease the dramatic rise in cost from a junior ticket to an adult ticket has been accepted by United, who have capped the prices at £20.

Despite the club freezing this season’s ticket prices, the average increase of tickets over the last six years since the Glazer family took control of the club has increased by 5.8%, which compares favourably to rivals Arsenal’s average 5.9% increase of ticket prices over the previous six years.

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