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A leading cardiologist has recommended that the Frenchman, recently hospitalised, should put an end to his career or risk further and even more serious heart complication

Following Gerard Houllier's latest heart problems, the Aston Villa manager has been advised to retire from football management by a prominant cardiologist.

Houllier has recovered from the chest pains that he complained about when going in to hospital last week, but due to his history of heart problems when he was in charge of Liverpool, Dr Duncan Dymond, who has worked with Chelsea, believes he should call it a day before he starts putting his life at risk.

Dymond told TalkSport: "My own assessment, without knowing Gerard Houllier or having seen him, quite frankly he's had one brush with the grim reaper already and now's he had one serious warning, and to put himself through this again with the stresses and strains of being a football manager, I think he should call it a day."

The problem the Frenchman has suffered is known as a dissection of the descending aorta which Dymond believes to be "very dangerous" and only likely to get worse.

He continued: "When you've had a defection once, you're more likely to get it again.

"One of the major risks of this is blood pressure. You only have to look at the pressure managers are under on the touchline.

"Their faces go red, the veins stand up in their necks, they get a bad decision and their blood pressure goes up. A lot of managers went through an assessment and their blood pressures goes up to the sky.

"If you've seen pictures of Sam Allardyce and Roy Hodgson, classic pictures of them you can find, when they're really getting wound up, their blood pressures can go up into the sky for the time they're under stress.

"It may come down again but we know those acutely stressful times, a car accident, losing your job, bereavement, financial stress, all those things can elevate blood pressure and precipitate a heart attack out of the blue, and so that's why in Gerard Houllier's case I think he'd be well advised not to do this any more."

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