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Striker contributes goal and assist in All-Japan High School "Senshuken"

Future Arsenal striker Ryo Miyaichi closed his high school career with a flamboyant performance, but a goal and an assist were not enough to prevent his team Chukyo Dai Chukyo from being eliminated in the first round of the All-Japan High School “Senshuken".

The prestigious "Senshuken" tournament is now in its 89th edition and has featured the likes of Keisuke Honda, Daiskue Matsui, Yasuhito Endo and Yuto Nagatomo in recent years.

However, Miyaichi won’t take many good memories of this tournament with him to London: his school was thrashed 10-2 in the first round of the 2009 edition and they deservedly were beaten 4-2 this time by a better organised Kumiyama High School.

However, the young winger took advantage of his last chance to delight the Japanese audience, and dominated the first half. Besides an assist and a beautiful goal scored with a precise shot after a quick one-two, Miyaichi closed the first half with six crosses and three shots.

On the left wing he tormented his opposition, repeatedly running past defenders using his excellent technique and explosive speed.

In the second half Miyaichi missed two easy chances and his performance went downhill, together with that of his team-mates. Besides Arsene Wenger's future pupil, Chukyo Dai Chukyo had very little to offer and Miyaichi repeatedly showed signs of frustration as his team’s defence fell apart.

The 18-year-old is scheduled to fly out to London in a matter of days to begin his professional career at Arsenal.

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