Prospective Liverpool owners NESV are nothing like Hicks and Gillett - MLS chief Don Garber

American consortium "are tremendous team owners"
MLS chief Don Garber believes the prospective new Liverpool owners, New England Sports Ventures (NESV), cannot be compared with the club's current American owners, Tom Hicks and George Gillett.

Garber believes NESV, owners of the MLB franchise the Boston Red Sox, has a great track record of operating more successful and more prestigious sports teams than either Hicks or Gillett, who can count the Texas Rangers among their other sporting interests.

Garber believes NESV's work with the Red Sox is an encouraging example of what could be in store for Liverpool, should the takeover be completed.

"They [NESV] have a tremendously robust understanding of the sports business and how to protect and enhance the legacy of the historic brand," Garber told the Leaders in Football conference in London.

"That's in essence what they have done with the ownership of the Red Sox. There is something called the Red Sox Nation, a brand supported by fans going back generations, similar to Liverpool supporters.

"The ownership has not only graced that but enhanced it, they have enhanced and renovated the stadium, they have brought modern technology to improve the fans experience.

"They have put championship teams on the field and managed their enterprise with an eye to profitability, so they are tremendous pro-sports team owners."

NESV are led by John Henry, and while Garber didn't want to be drawn on his methods when compared with the current Anfield incumbents, he did highlight his credentials with high-profile sports organisations.

"I can't speak for the difference between Gillett and Hicks and John Henry and his partners," Garber started.

"But if you are a sports fan in the USA, pick two or three of the most revered and successful clubs in our nation's sporting history and the Red Sox are one of them.

"I don't know if you could say the same about the teams owned by Mr Gillett and Mr Hicks."

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