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The Dutchman is slowly building up a terrible reputation...

In the eyes of some fans Nigel de Jong is quickly becoming the dirtiest footballer on the planet. Indeed, looking at the evidence it seems safe to say that no other player has committed as many disgraceful challenges this calendar year than the Dutch midfielder.

He is also quickly establishing himself as the luckiest professional player, having not been sent off for perhaps the three worst "tackles" you will see in an eight-month period.

Before we get to either the famous World Cup final kung-fu kick on Xabi Alonso or Sunday's cruncher on Hatem Ben Arfa, there is the little-known attack on USA midfielder Stuart Holden.

In March of this year, De Jong went in recklessley on the American in a friendly match (!) ahead of the World Cup. The Manchester City enforcer was lucky to escape with a booking: Holden was not so fortunate, as he missed the next 6 weeks after fracturing his right fibula.

De Jong's shocking challenge on Stuart Holden is on this video:

Moving on to the World Cup final where De Jong had established a "dogs of war" reputation alongside another bruiser in Mark van Bommel, he produced arguably the most infamous tackle ever to be seen in a World Cup final.

If you haven't seen Nigel de Jong's kung fu kick attack on Xabi Alonso, it can be seen on this video. De Jong was booked but was allowed to wreak havoc on the Spanish midfielders until the 99th minute of the final.

Finally, we come to Sunday's attack on Hatem Ben Arfa, a challenge that came after just four minutes of the Premier League clash at Eastlands.

To say that De Jong was over-zealous would be an undestatement and initial reports suggest Ben Arfa has fractured his left leg and will miss the majority of the 2010-2011 campaign. Typically, De Jong escaped a booking.

Three disgraceful challenges - two bookings - beware of Nigel De Jong.

Nigel de Jong's shocking assault on Hatem Ben Arfa is here.

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