Manchester City striker Mario Balotelli 'did nothing wrong' trying to enter womens' prison - agent

Curiosity got the better of injured striker
Manchester City striker Mario Balotelli's curiosity got the better of him on Friday as he made his way into a womens' prison in Brescia, only to be met with tough questions from officers.

But the agent of the injured striker claims the 20-year-old did nothing wrong by driving though the gates of the prison with his brother, where officers admitted the usually bullish forward appeared "embarrassed".

The burly Italian, who is recovering from an ankle injury, drove into the grounds of the prison with his brother Enock, 17, out of sheer intrigue, but got no further than the entrance gate and was questioned by bemused officers for half an hour.

But agent Mino Raiola fumed that no wrongdoing had taken place.

"Mario has done nothing wrong," he said according to La Gazzetta dello Sport. "Indeed, the officers have praised him for his initiative. Certainly they explained this could have been avoided, but it ended there."

Prison officer Calogero Lo Presti explained: "It was 4pm when we saw a high-powered Mercedes come through the gate. Inside were two boys, after a few minutes we realised one of them was Balotelli.

"Physically we recognised him, but that is not enough, so we proceeded with official procedure. At the end they both appeared a bit frightened. They said they saw the gate opened and never imagined they would need a special permit to visit the prison. The two were particularly intrigued by the fact it was a womens' prison.

"Balotelli has apologised. He spoke in a low voice, he was a little embarrassed."

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