Laudrup: Williams and Michu speculation only rumours

The manager of the Welsh outfit insists talk of the pair's possible departure is simply hearsay and vents his frustration at the late closure of the transfer window
Swansea boss Michael Laudrup has rejected speculation that star duo Ashley Williams and Michu could be on their way out, and spoken of his frustration with the transfer window's conclusion in early September.

The pair have been linked with Liverpool and Arsenal respectively this summer, but the Swans have remained adamant they will remain at the Liberty Stadium.

But Laudrup admits rumours will persist until deadline day, whilst expressing vexation at the current system that sees transfers remain possible even as the season has already begun.

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"They are rumours – we haven’t heard anything and it’s not the only rumours, there are a lot of rumours, and they will continue until September 2," he told reporters.

"I went up to the managers' meeting in London last week before we started the league and one of the questions that we managers had was 'Why we could not move the transfer deadline?' because what is the reason why it is open until September 2, when we start in Spain and over here before, and I think the Bundesliga one week before that?

"The answer was that we try to speak to the other big leagues. If you take out the top four [Premier League, La Liga, Serie A and Bundesliga I don’t think there is a lot of interest in moving the deadline.

"I can’t understand from any point of view why not, because I think every manager should be interested in a situation where you play the first game in the league and the deadline is closed, but obviously there are other interests, so I don’t think we can blame anyone from here because I think the FA or the Premier League try to do it but it is not possible."

Laudrup went on to note that despite his annoyance at potentially receiving offers with matches to play, he must accept the situation as it stands.

"I read the other day about Alan Pardew at Newcastle receiving an offer the same day [as a match] because of that – but it’s a part of it, you have to accept it," he continued.

"If the rules are that you can go on until a certain date you know that everybody can make an offer every day. We can talk about ethics and all that, and say you shouldn’t do it on a match day, but it’s part of the game, you have to accept it.

"Imagine tomorrow afternoon if Arsene Wenger came out and said 'I would like to make a bid for Ash and Michu' two hours before our game… there’s nothing to say he can’t do it, the rules are like that.

"Until we change the rules or the fixtures for the transfer window it’s a part of it we all have to accept."