Suarez has shown no class, says former Liverpool midfielder Murphy

The Uruguayan has claimed his side agreed to sell him this summer after missing out on a Champions League place, while the club continue to insist that the forward will not leave
Former Liverpool midfielder Danny Murphy believes Luis Suarez has shown a lack of class in his efforts to quit Anfield and says the striker will need to apologise for his actions in order to be accepted by the fans.

The Uruguayan claimed on Tuesday that Liverpool had agreed to sell him this summer after missing out on a place in the Champions League, while the club's owner, John W Henry, has since insisted that the forward will not be allowed to leave.

Arsene Wenger has reiterated that Arsenal will continue their "amicable" pursuit of the 26-year-old, while Murphy, who made over 240 appearances for Liverpool, believes the striker may be forced to reverse some of his earlier claims.

“I know the majority of supporters have stuck with Luis Suarez through thick and thin, but some will certainly be starting to lose their patience with him after the last few days’ events," Murphy told talkSPORT.

“I personally think that there is only going to be two scenarios that will finish this saga.

“One is him being sold somewhere [abroad] because obviously it doesn’t sound like it’s going to be Arsenal but if someone else comes in I think they’d let him go.

“The other is a situation like what Man United had with Wayne Rooney where Luis Suarez will have to eat some humble pie, say he’s going to stay, come out with his apology and give reasons why he said what he said.

“I’m sure four or five game into the season, and once he’s scored some goals, the fans will take him back.

“If the owner is true to his word and doesn’t sell him then there has got to be some back tracking from Suarez."

Murphy understands Suarez's motive to pursue Champions League football but feels the Uruguayan has poorly handled the way he has pushed for a move.

“Walking out on that pitch at Anfield in that Liverpool shirt, after everything that has gone on, isn’t going to be something the fans accept unless he apologises for his behaviour," Murphy said.

“He should be backing down and saying, ‘listen, I’ve made a mistake but I’m ready to play and I’ll make it up to the fans’, and I think they’ll forgive him.

“Overall it’s been dealt with badly by the player. He’s not shown much class during this, in my opinion.

“If you do want to leave and you think you can better yourself somewhere else that’s fine. You’re allowed to believe that but you’ve got to conduct yourself with a bit more class and a bit more quality.”