Bayern didn't bail Dortmund out, says Watzke

The BVB general manager is losing patience with his side's arch-rivals after having to deny more claims over their previously perilous financial state
Hans-Joachim Watzke has strongly denied suggestions that Bayern Munich rescued Borussia Dortmund from going bust back in 2004.

BVB's general manager admitted that they did receive money from the Bavarian club but says it made little difference to their financial stability and insists it would not have happened had he been in charge.

"There has been a €2 million credit from FC Bayern, but not for me," according to ESPN.

"In 2004 Bayern paid that money to my predecessors. And, regardless of that €2 million, BVB was nearly bust in 2005. I would have rather gone begging than to borrow money from Bayern.

"One of my first official acts was to ask the creditors for permission to fully pay back the money, something other creditors only could have wished for.

"Bayern Munich has not played any role in helping Borussia Dortmund avoid administration; they got a high rate of interest and all of their money back. If anyone maintains the standpoint that Bayern Munich helped the economical 2.0 version of Borussia Dortmund in any way, they are knowingly telling a falsehood."

Bayern have already dethroned Dortmund as Bundesliga champions this season and the two teams go head to head in the league this weekend before their Champions League final clash at Wembley.

And after FCB announced that BVB star Mario Gotze would be joining  the club in the summer - on the eve of the first-leg of their semi-final tie with Real Madrid - Watzke admitted that there is tension between the sides.

"I have always spoken about Bayern with a lot of respect and admiration. That has cooled down a bit. It is not the case that we are enemies. The relationship is absolutely fit for work. But why should we call it love, peace and harmony if it isn't so."

Bayern take on Dortmund on Saturday in the Bundesliga.