World Cup 2010: Arjen Robben wants Holland to get the right result before playing good football

Midfielder insists key to stopping Spain is defending from the front
Arjen Robben believes flair may need to take a back seat in Sunday’s World Cup final.

The Dutch midfielder and his team-mates have been criticised for not playing a similar ‘total football’ mentality which rose to prominence during Johan Cruyff’s era.
Robben, however, feels that Holland need to concentrate on winning the tournament rather than how they play.

"I would much prefer to win a very ugly game than lose a beautiful one," said Robben at a press conference.

"We can still play attractive football but we can always rely on our good organisation as well.

"If you are organised, you know one goal could be enough, which has been the case so far.

"The point is, we are in a World Cup final. From now on how you actually play no longer matters.

"Of course, the intent is there to play good football but the result is far more important.”

Germany were unable to cope with Spain’s fluid passing game in the semi-final and Holland could potentially suffer a similar starvation of ball possession in Johannesburg.

Robben believes that the Dutch are fully prepared and will be ready to make life difficult for their opponents.

"We will defend from the front," he said.

"No-one here feels they are too special to get their hands dirty.

"I was really surprised with how freely Germany let Spain play on Wednesday. We have to start pressing them earlier, and far higher up the field."

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